Under its mission of "VALUE by DESIGN", Francfranc engages in the retail sale of interior and miscellaneous goods.

D Capital supports digital transformation, focused on strengthening EC channels with high growth potential.

Investment Date: Nov, 2021
Industry: Interior Goods
URL: https://www.francfranc.co.jp/


FC STANDARD LOGISTICS CO.,LTD. (FCS) is an international freight fowarder offering various logistics services including door to door shipping, 3PL, customs clearance and warehousing.

D Capital supports digital transformation of the entire import procedures through developing new services and solutions for clients, and system for FCS.

Investment Date: May, 2022
Industry: Freight Fowarder
URL: https://fcstandard.com/main/

The Oyatsu Company

Under its philosophy of "creating plentiful, and happy, 'snacks' and 'dreams'," The Oyatsu Company engages in manufacturing and selling of savory snacks, known as Baby Star brand.

D Capital supports digital transformation, focused on strengthen EC platform, including EC malls such as Amazon, and newly established direct-to-consumer e-commerce web site.

Investment Date: Jan, 2023
Industry: Snack Manufacturing
URL: https://www.oyatsu.co.jp/

Nihon Kyoiku Kyokai

Nihon Kyoiku Kyokai Co., Ltd.(NKK)operates Yoyogi Kobetsushido Gakuin, the private tutoring school which has consistently achieved solid reputation from students, parents, and instructors.

D Capital supports digital transformation, focused on talent acquisition and marketing activities to expand the number of classrooms in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area.

Investment Date: Mar, 2023
Industry: Private-tutoring School
URL: https://nkk-group.com/

Catalina Marketing Japan

Catalina Marketing Japan provides marketing support and solutions in the retail/consumer products sector based on actual purchase data and insights derived from it.

D Capital supports digital transformation, focused on the development of services tailored to customer needs by combining Catalina's strengths in customer relationships, technology, and data.

Investment Date: May, 2023
Industry: Marketing Support
URL: https://catalinamarketing.co.jp/